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  1. Thanks for your article on possible health concerns of smart meters. Ours was installed a couple of days ago. As it turns out, our meter base is slightly under our 6 year old son’s second floor bedroom and about 4 feet away from the pillow on his bed.

    The information I have received from the power authority is consistent with what you report in your column. Speaking to both BC Hydro and their installation company, I was advised that there was no health issue and that the meter has an aluminium base that shields the house from direct radiation. They also claimed that the level of radiation is miniscule and frequency/times of transmission are insignificant.

    As we had no choice in the meter changeover, and since you have similar concerns about your own bedroom location, I was wondering if you have come across further information about the need to shield a bedroom from potentially harmful exposure. Despite their claims of innocuousness, the agents I spoke to both well understood why we would incur time and expense to minimize the risk of harm to our child (regardless of whether the risk actually exists).

    Do you know if it would be effective to install aluminium roll sheeting, sheet metal, ceramic tile or any other practical material on the wall and floor area to shield the room from meter radiation?

    Any other ideas or advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Frequencies that go through walls do not come to a screeching halt at skin. Your insulated TV cable has more insulation against frequency damage than you do. You have none.
    Google Barry Trower. He is serving as expert witness in the Oregon WiFi trial.
    Go to thermoguy.com and choose EMF education to see the declarations of all expert witnesses.
    Or just watch this thermal heat effect go up 15 degrees in time lapse:

    Limits of Human Exposure to Magnetic or Electromagnetic Lines of Flux(EMS)//time-lapsed infrared video

    Trower designed these same “smart” frequencies as non lethal and lethal weapons which are able to induce specific targeted diseases and include bonuses such as cognitive impairment.
    Consider the use of heavy duty insulation foil wrap to stop transmission. Not illegal.
    Otherwise? If you don’t care about the effect on pollinators on the other side of the wall use lead shielding or, safer, leaded glass shielding on the entire interior of the wall.
    Bubble wrap sandwiched between foil similar to that at insulation4less.com will diminish but not render entirely safe the radiation field which is far larger than the meter.
    Best to use the same shielding used for any radiation source, ionizing or ionizing, such as X-rays.
    Cover the entire interior wall where meter is installed. Also convert house wiring to shielded wiring since the entire household circuitry becomes co-opted by these illegal frequencies and this turns the whole house and all biological entities inside or outside it into one giant fractal antenna. the net effect is gradual electrical induction. This is against the law. So is installing these under live load, huge risk for later fires.
    See also:
    Distance Matters | Safety Standards

    Smart Meter (at 1 W, or 2.5 W after factoring in gain)

    140 metres distance from source

    Approximate power density
    assuming 4 dBi gain
    10 μW/m2 <== NEW Salzburg Precautionary Limit (2002)

    14 metres distance
    1 mW/m2 <== OLD Salzburg Precautionary Limit (2001)

    These safety rates have no relevance for children's unformed skulls, they are based a hypothesis of a 200 lb man who is 6 ft 4 but in reality they use a gel mannequin and a meat probe, both non electrical in nature.

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