Once and a while I’ll spot what looks like another sign of the Apocalypse — that is, if Tom Robbins had authored The Book of Revelations. Last week, I was in traffic behind a Hummer bearing a bumper sticker reading “Namaste.” That’s right, a consumer-version military assault vehicle with a Sanskrit salutation on its butt … Continue reading THE APOCALYPSE ISN’T WHAT IT USED TO BE

Cross-species friendships offer teachable moments

Years ago, I used to visit a hobby farm owned by a girlfriend’s father. The mad animal antics at the place were like something out of a James Herriot novel as reworked by Kurt Vonnegut. Strange bonds and alliances had formed among completely different critters.I remember seeing a goose waddle around the property, plaintively honking … Continue reading Cross-species friendships offer teachable moments

Hopeful headlines from a parallel universe

Tories still reeling from effects of Harper cycling accident Ottawa — In the days since he returned from his overseas tour and an accident in India, the Prime Minister’s behaviour has become increasingly erratic, according to Tory insiders. “First, he refused to ratify FIPA when he got home,” said a Conservative MP who wishes to … Continue reading Hopeful headlines from a parallel universe