I’m about 5’9″.

I’ve also put on a bit of weight over time. I used to be about 7 pounds.


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  1. The five-month long “bar no expense” RCMP Mr. Big-type undercover terrorist investigation with hidden cameras, of John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, should never have taken place. These simple-minded, drug addicted, uneducated and misguided individuals are on a methadone treatment program for heroin addiction. If anything, they should be placed in a medically supervised corrective custody, for their own protection.
    John Nuttall and Amanda Korody should not be on trial for any crime, especially not the planting of bombs at the BC legislature on Canada Day, 2013 because they simply did not have the intellect or the resources to execute their plan without the sponsorship of the RCMP.
    The RCMP coached, directed, mislead, cajoled and orchestrated their actions for five months to commit this most heinous crime of terrorism and our justice system is spending millions of dollars to bring them to trial. It is the most abusive misuse of our police and justice system I can recall. Is there not an agency or individual in BC that will step forward to end this disgusting abuse of justice we see being broadcast daily in the news media?
    The latest video released at their trial shows that Mr. Nuttall found a sleeping person in the bushes, the pre-planned spot for him to plant his bomb. Did the RCMP not sweep the area before they went on their bomb delivery trip? Even though the RCMP knew the bombs were duds they also knew John Nuttall was armed with a knife.
    It seems that the RCMP and the justice system will go to any lengths to gain kudos and the esteem of anti-terrorist organizations both local and international. Is this trial being staged as propaganda to promote the endorsement to pass the current Anti-terrorist Bill C-51 being touted by the Conservatives in Parliament?
    Ken B. Chamberlin
    Vancouver, BC

  2. You’re welcome, Julian…and thanks for your observations, Ken. Anyone who followed the reporting by Ian Mulgrew in The Sun on the Nuttal trial would have to be thinking the same thing.

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