by Geoff Olson Have you heard about the ‘morality pill’? There’s growing buzz in the press about a chemical upgrade to ethical thinking. The notion of pharmaceutically-ennobled consumers has a long pedigree. “If it is within our reach to [chemically] increase man’s suggestibility, it will be soon within our reach to do the opposite, to … Continue reading A MORALITY PILL? HUH?


Somehow I ended up on the contact list of the “Kevin O’Leary Media Department”. I’m not complaining, I’m big on Internet humour. “O’Leary Government will end corporate welfare,” reads the press release, quoting the man himself: “The days of corporate handouts and free money is over. If a deal doesn’t stimulate growth, create jobs, and … Continue reading ONLINE HUMOUR FROM KEVIN O’LEARY

A World Haunted by Collective Nouns

by Geoff Olson I make a partial living by trafficking in words. So I’m well aware how often copywriters, publicists, policymakers, politicians, bloggers and trolls weaponize words against the public. The problem is bigger than the decline of journalism in the digital age. It’s bigger than a dumbed-down Empire that spat forth a former reality … Continue reading A World Haunted by Collective Nouns


by Geoff Olson “Vancouver restaurant owners are mounting a call for more courtesy from customers, citing an increasing number of people making reservations, but then not showing up.” - CBC News Greetings! Welcome to L’Abuse on Cambie. You’ve had this coming for a long time, Vancouverite: an exclusive restaurant that pairs world-class cooking with extraordinarily … Continue reading CULINARY BASE-JUMPING AT L’ABUSE